About Us

Hello, we are Shawn and Erica Thompson, we have owned and operated Plumb Construction since 2006, between the two of us we have over 20 years experience in the industry.

At the tender age of 12 Shawn became fascinated by the building process when his parents built their dream home. The builder offered Shawn a job but his parents thought it best if he finished junior high first. From that moment there was no turning back, Shawn had decided to become a contractor and after graduating from high school he enrolled in the construction tech program at College of the Redwoods. While attending school he worked in his Dad's machine shop where projects are measured in hundredths of a millimeter, he has brought that exacting process into the construction world and means it when he says "Cut that board to 8 feet 9 1/16 inches", perfection is his ultimate goal. 

It took Erica a little longer to decide what she was going to do with her life but in 2002 when she got a job as supervising cashier at Forbusco Lumber she knew that this was the industry where she belonged. In 2006 she left Forbusco and enrolled in the business program at College of the Redwoods. Halfway through her schooling she revamped Shawn's books and has been working at his side ever since. Plumb Construction has one of the most comprehesive contracts in the business. We strive to be "Accurate, True and Correct" in all aspects of our business.