Plumb Construction from Co-construct on Vimeo.

Plumb is defined as being perfectly vertical, as determined with a level or a plumb bob. In construction, a plumb object maximizes the force of gravity by transferring a load straight down to the ground. Any deviation from plumb weakens that force.

Building plumb, perfectly accurate, truly level and code correct homes are the very back bone of our business.

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  • Plumb Construction is a design/build firm specializing in
  • Custom Remodeling
    • Residential
    • Kitchens
    • Baths
  • Additions
  • Exteriors and Outdoor Living
    • Decks/Patios/Walks
    • Siding/Trim/Window/Doors
  • Commercial Tenant Improvements
  • ADA Compliance

We believe in old world quality craftsmanship while working hard to stay abreast of new techniques and technology to provide owners with functional, comfortable, unique and lasting atmospheres. Building is our passion and we strive to provide a product that brings families together and makes a house a home that can be enjoyed for generations. Through detailed design, careful communication and positive attitudes; together, we can avoid the stress and intimidation that can come with building or remodeling a home to provide a wonderful and positive experience for the homeowner.

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